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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get billed?

  • You will get billed immediately once you subscribe and then on the 15th of every month after that. For example if you sign up on February 21st you will get billed immediately and we will ship out your watch on March 1st and then you will get billed again on March 15th with your next watch being shipped on April 1st.

My watch is to o big! How do I take out links?

  • We recommend taking the watch to Walmart jewelry, they can take out a few links free of charge. The alternative is taking it to a watch shop or jeweler which will charge you around $5-$10.

Is it only male watches?

  • Nope! Women's watches started shipping out on June 1st, 2017! So ladies sign up now!

What is the quality of the watches?

  • All watches are backed by a 100 day limited warranty. We work with watch makers around the world to provide you with fashionable watches as part of your membership. The watch styles will vary anywhere from fashionable watches, tech watches, military style watches or anything else. All shipments are inspected to ensure their quality. 


Do I keep the watches I receive?

  • Absolutely! Every watch you receive is yours to keep. You will soon have a great collection of watches to mix and match with your personal style.

How do cancellations work?

  • Cancellations are quick and easy, there is no cancellation fee and no questions asked. You can cancel by logging in to your account and hitting the cancel button or you can email us at support@monthlywatchclub.ca, All cancellations must be done before the next billing date (15th of the month) to avoid your next watch from being sent out. You can also choose to pause your account and continue it whenever you'd like at no extra charge.

Are there any cancellation fees? 

  • There are no cancellation fees when cancelling your monthly subscription, unless you cancel after the next billing date. (15th of every month) You will then be charged for the following month and will receive that month’s watch as your final reception. Cancelling prepaid plans after your first watch has shipped incurs a 30% fee.

Can we pick the watches?

  • No, part of the subscription is that your watch is a surprise every time. Every style is different and you will never receive the same watch twice. The watches are unique and fashionable and soon you'll have a huge selection of great time pieces. There is an option for single buys of previous month watches in the shop.


How can you provide watches for only $39 per month?

  • We work with watch makers around the globe that give us big discounts based on our large purchases and loyal members. These watches are models that the makers would love to share with people and with cutting out the middle man we save money and pass those savings on to you. 


How fast will I receive the watch once I join?

  • We ship watches once a month on the 1st of the month. You must subscribe by the 1st of the month to receive your watch in that months shipment. If the 1st falls on a Sunday, we will ship watches on the 2nd. Shipping is a flat $7 CAD anywhere Canada and takes 2-8 business days. For USA the shipping is $15 CAD and packages should come within 4-10 business days. Shipping to all other locations expect to wait 10-15 business days to receive your package. All packages are shipped from Calgary, Alberta Canada.

My watch was damaged or not working when I received it, what do I do?

  • Sorry to hear that, we check all our watches before we send them out to ensure quality but sometimes it happens. Please email us at support@monthlywatchclub.ca and we will fix the issue for you.

Is there any tax?

  • Nope! All the taxes are included in the price, the shipping fee is the only thing not included in the price.


Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes! We ship anywhere in the world. Our international packages are sent out a week before cut off so that the package arrives around the 10th - 15th of the next month.  We have no control over the time your package sits in customs. Cost for international shipping is $15 CAD.

Got more questions? 

We'd be happy to answer them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or if you prefer email, send your questions to support@monthlywatchclub.ca 

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